The wolves at the door? Well, I could do with a fur coat.

Well, well. The HBOS or Halifax Insurance Policy team wrote to me, demanding me to declare any “remunerations” I have for being the “Co-founder” of Sojournposse and the “Director” of Sojournposse Purpose.

This barely a week after I received a booklet from the same team advising me on how to spruce up my CV so that I can snag a big cushy position soon, and pay off their loan, of course. And barely two weeks after I came out of operation.

Halifax, we stumped up the cash on our own to do the projects every year. The last London Design Festival event was a non-profit drive to raise fund for the tsunami aid for The Japan Red Cross. And the latest design competition we entered, under invitation from the Design Council and the Technology Strategy Board, required an entry from a ‘registered company’. Essentially, we are a collective, not really a business, but at quango level, that’s how it works. But this is a good thing to learn for digital anthropologists and designers who want to showcase their prototypes at government level. Your collectivism has to be ‘legitimised’ as a business. Is there a way around this, though?

I told Halifax that now they realise the potential my collective and I have, just by doing online search, they should help us out and offer some financial assistance, and hire me. I am good at mediating the online presence, am I not? We get out of recession, created by the banks, through innovation.

So back us innovators up.

Update: We have since formed a limited company called GLUE Studio. I bootstrapped for a few years whilst running this agency with the Creative Director. We don’t use Halifax for our limited company, of course.