Let’s talk about CRM: Stepp Digital interviews me on marketing strategy

“The golden rule is not to ask for information if you don’t act on it. It will add noise to your data collection. Your data analyst won’t be able to give you approximation if there is too much noise.”

That was the advice given to us when we first started researching on social sciences. Google and digital platforms have the ability to hoover up massive amount of data. As a result, the digital touchpoints can grow too numerous and too big to manage.

I was recently interviewed by Nadya Tatarciuk, Founder, Stepp Digital, about CRM strategy. Nadya is highly experienced in SEO and PPC, in particular Google Search, Amazon PPC, YouTube PPC and affiliate marketing. She has done campaigns for the likes New Look and TalkTalk, and had built the Amazon shopfront for Lumity Life.


It was great being interviewed by a very experienced marketer on a very high-brow marketing subject. Her questions also helped me to simplify my answers.

CRM, like SEO and PPC, can be complex, but when structured well and explained in small bites, the whole concept can be easily grasped.

Read the Q&A here.