Meet Homo Ludens

Salina ChristmasYou’ve come to my portofolio site, where I compiled my editorial and marketing works. I am a digital creative (official job titles: multimedia editor and front end web developer). I worked at Old Street for almost five years. For my more consumer and client-side marketing works, go to my Cat and Cream website, where I blog about creative marketing under the name “Scribbler”.

I’ve been lucky in the David Ogilvy sense that I can “analyse”, “strategise” and “create”:

1. I recently got an MSc in Digital Anthropology from University College London in November 2011, which means I am now a digital anthropologist and a researcher.

2. With five years’ digital marketing experience, I have looked after accounts, can analyse KPIs and love my social media planning. I would love to do more client-facing accounts in agencies. And more HTML5, please.

3. Being a trained journalist/copywriter and digital producer, I can create contents for both print and digital. Videos, websites – at a push, an app – included. Yes, I am a technology writer and editor who can create the technology.

4. And I am a techie. I code. If I love the project, I do long hours just to write the codes. I am not that sad to see the back of Flash, although I have worked with that application since 2001. But I look forward to be doing more HTML5 stuff. For those who are not sure what that is, please go here, or skip my rant and go here.

I use my digital, editorial and anthropological skills to inform the marketing campaigns I do. Whatever it takes to construct a successful a narrative for digital storytelling. Can a story be told in a series of email headlines? Of course. My masters dissertation is all about the narrative of emails (or cloud apps, if you’d prefer the sexier term).

For the collective I co-founded, Sojournposse, I organised London Design Festival events. For Sojournposse Purpose, I look at objects of consumption, such as cars, tablets, books and games, and examine how people organise around them.

Do check out the open book publishing / ebook campaign we are running for London Design Festival 2012 and beyond, The Story of Books, which pools collaborations from academics, publishers, libraries and of course, creatives. Would you like to get involved in it? Get in touch at info at sojournposse dot com.