The Red-Haired Gurkhas

The Red-Haired Gurkhas
Part One: The Constant Companion Tales


The past returned to haunt us.

Year: 1981. Location: a former British military camp in Malaysia. The Commonwealth War Graves Commission exhumes the remains of soldiers assumed to be Gurkhas for reburial. Supernatural events occur, testing the courage of soldiers already wary of Communist threats. Soon after, words spread amongst the soldiers of ghostly sightings of a World War 2 officer, and a grisly episode that had taken place at the camp.

Told from the point of view of a child, the daughter of an army captain, this postcolonial horror looks at the terror and dark arts unleashed by a brutal war – and the unwanted legacy that follows.


Salina Christmas

Editor & Designer:

Zarina Holmes

Edition / Year:

One, 2022


The Constant Companion Tales


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