The constant companions

A universe of misfits, miscreants and FEARSOME FRIENDS

Constant companion

An inheritance you don’t get to choose. The help you don’t necessarily want.

The Al-Jaffari family

The surname and royal rank change every 200 years. But the deadly bloodline, for the past 2000 years, remains the same.

The Raden family

The family of an army captain saddled with an inheritance they don’t ask for.

The Popsicle man

When he forgets, the Popsicle man accidentally reveals his true form to humans. Not a pretty sight.

The were-tiger

The were-tiger eats the enemy. At times, he loses control and eats anyone.

The story

a tale as old as the constant companion

The characters

Everyone has a secret

Adam, son of Raden

Adam is ill. But he’ll put his life on the line to save his beloved sisters.

Wak Ahmad

His unruly servant becomes too much for the old man to bear.

Captain Raden

What you can’t see doesn’t exist. To Captain Raden, that applies to ghosts as well as the hidden past.


What the enemy snatches from her, the matriarch will seize back. She stops at nothing to protect her clan.

Syed Alwi

His own family keeps things secret from him. But Syed is no fool.

Yamashiro Ryu

Was it a vow made in the past life? Or is Yamashiro simply lucky?

Wak Karno

Karno goes where the darkness is and barely makes it alive.

The Red Sash

When terror hits, The Red Sash reciprocate to their enemies in kind.

The Argyll

The sole survivor of a massacre saved by the Constant Companion.

Wak Suryo

The only other person who can command the Constant Companion.

The magic

spells, charms and things BEWITCHING

Flying blades

The blades fly on their own, looking for their masters’ enemies.


A form of black magic. Not the kind of gift you want to receive.

Kayu tas

The wooden rod that subdues beasts, be them animal and demon.


THE DEVIL’s in the details

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