The Popsicle man

A ghost whose face looks as if a man is wearing an animal mask. He’s called The Popsicle man because he resembles one of the masked indigenous men in an ice cream TV advertisement. He likes to smoke kretek cigarettes, leaving the smell and smoke everywhere. Because of his old age – the Popsicle man has been around for a very long time – he is a bit senile. In his absent-mindedness, the Popsicle man reveals his true, horrific form to humans and scares the life out of them. Therefore, he chooses to be visible in the middle of the night, when he thinks everyone’s asleep. Unfortunately, he got discovered by the protagonist’s cousin whilst he was enjoying his midnight cigarette break. That spoils everything for him and his master. The Popsicle man is a Constant Companion sent by an unknown enemy to terrorise the Raden family.

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