Captain Raden

A Captain of a Royal Malay Regiment based in Kluang, south of Peninsula Malaysia, during the 1980s. War-decorated, upright and serious about his duty. Growing up Javanese in a Malay community in Malacca, Raden is careful not to be perceived as less than Malay. He steers clear from stereotypes associated with his ethnicity. Raden is loyal to his country and won’t be persuaded to be otherwise… although the brief confrontation between Indonesia and Malaysia in the 1960s left him conflicted. His refusal to continue his family tradition of magic and kejawen (ꦏꦗꦮꦺꦤ꧀) spirituality means the Constant Companion, once Raden’s father dies, will choose one of his own children as the new master.

Captain Raden rejects superstition, perceiving it as backward. Things he observe on the battlefield will later harden his resolve to maintain peace for his country. He is the father of Sarah, the protagonist of The Constant Companion Tales. Captain Raden is unaware that a curse has been placed on his family by his father’s unknown enemy.

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