Wak Ahmad

Also known as Raden Ahmad. Father of Captain Raden and grandfather of Sarah Raden, the protagonist. The owner of the Constant Companion who worries about what his servant might do when he dies. As a teenager, he migrated to Malacca with his cousins (or rather, fled the proverty-stricken Dutch colony of Java) for a better life. An indispensable heirloom, the Constant Companion, helped him to settle. During the Second World War, the Constant Companion became unruly after killing the enemies while they were fleeing the Japanese occupiers. It was a long time since the servant last tasted human blood. It wanted more. Wak Ahmad knew the unthinkable had been unleashed and he’d have to live with the repercussions. Wak Ahmad’s decision to give the Constant Companion up means the servant will look for a new master, most likely to be a family member.

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