Sergeant Lindsey Wright

Lindsey Wright has had enough with his banking job in the City after the Second World War. He feels sad and depressed, being unable to contribute more. His family is rich, he wants for nothing, and that somehow makes Wright feel terribly isolated. Through a family connection in the Home Office, he gets a job as a policeman for the Royal Malayan Police, and a transfer to Malaya. Wright hopes to find some sunshine and happiness to escape the post-war depression. However, he doesn’t expect Malaya to be so volatile. He soon realises he and his colleagues, including the senior officials, are put on the frontline to die – for what? He and the protagonist’s paternal grandfather, Syed Alwi, are in the same team within the Royal Malayan Police. Only both of them know how bad things can be when the Constant Companions get involved in feuds.

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