Part Three: The Night of the Flying Blades

It’s easier to forgive an enemy. But a kith? A kin? This is the story of traitors, and what their own kins do to the enemy within.

An ancient, senile ghostly servant – on his midnight cigarette break – accidentally reveals his horrific true form to the Raden family. The exorcism that follows introduces the Raden children to the flying blades, another ‘surprise’ from their secretive elders.

Are they animated objects with their own murderous personality? Or simply weapons wielded by invisible Constant Companions on behalf of their murderous masters?

Upon learning their great-grandmother’s past, the children discover that once, not long ago, after the war was over, the British were much exposed to the jungle terrorists. The bitter sacrifices and innocent lives brutally taken meant their kins had no choice but to summon the flying blades for a most calamitous goal.

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