Wak Suryo

Also known as Raden Surjoe. The cousin of Wak Ahmad, the grandfather of the protagonist, Sarah. One of the five cousins from the Ceribon royal court who migrated to Malacca. As an old man, Suryo owns a few farms and lives as a farmer. Outside his day job, Suryo is a bomoh. Like his cousin, he also has the ability to command the family’s Constant Companion. His practice of magic and kejawen (ꦏꦗꦮꦺꦤ꧀) spirituality means the younger generations of the family distance themselves from him. But they barely know about the circumstance surrounding his cousin’s death during the war, and the mistake that has been undone by a family member. That incident will continue to haunt the family. Suryo looks after Karno, the unpredictable cousin who lost his sanity during an unfortunate incident involving black magic.

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