The Tiger-Man

The Tiger-Man and His Constant Companion
Part Two: The Constant Companion Tales


Before you take revenge, dig two graves.

Year: 1942. Location: Malacca, Straits Settlement, British Malaya. Singapore falls. Terror rules for the next three years. A tragedy that strikes the Raden family sets a gruesome precedent for retributions and dark arts. Can two wrongs make a right? One thing is certain: when you draw the sword, you know better to sheathe it afterwards. Or else.

The second part of the series provides a glimpse into the family’s past, and the fate crossed with soldiers, guerrillas and conscripts from all sides. The menacing side of the constant companion is revealed, though not as deadly as the other family help, the Tiger-Man.


Salina Christmas

Editor & Designer:

Zarina Holmes

Edition / Year:

Two, 2022


The Constant Companion Tales


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