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The were-tiger

A creature that morphed from a human being, taking the form of a tiger. Considered to be the darkest of witchcraft by the Malays, were-tigers come in different types and are used for various objectives. At its most evil, it’s used for revenge attacks on humans. Strictly hereditary, the Kerinchi tribe of Sumatra is thought to have the ability to morph into tigers, if they choose to practise this dark art. However, the art isn’t exclusive to this Malay tribe.

The fictional figure for this tale is inspired by the semi-mythical king of Sunda of the Hindu era, King Siliwangi (born 1401), who allegedly practised this dark art. These are rumours but make for a breath-taking speculation. His grandson, Sunan Gunung Jati (1479–1568), however, was a Muslim and therefore didn’t practise this witchcraft. The practice was abandoned by the descendants who followed a monotheistic faith.

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